Grado Boat Rent

Grado Boat Rent by Infinity Tours Srl, is a new company at Grado at Marina Darsena 2000 on the Schiusa Island.

Grado Boat Rent is your ideal partner to moor and rent sport and pleasure boats, with a wide range of products that meet our customers' requirements. We have many kinds of boats available, such as: boats everybody can drive without boat license for daily outings; boats with outboard or inboard engines for which a boat license is required, and sport fishing boats.


All our boats are equipped with the safety devices, required by the regulation in force respecting all the current certification codes.
They are protected with a public-liability insurance, with a theft and fire insurance.


All our boats are equipped with a GPRS-UMTS-GPS tracking system; this system will detect the position, in real time, of the whole fleet. This security device will let the customer feel safe and during the rental it gives the precise position of the boat. In this way the customer will size up the problems, check the trespassing area and benefit the antitheft service.

Customer's assistance

GRADO BOAT RENT will render assistance to all our rental boats with a special boat for the towing and sea emergency service.

We will plan new excursions for you with special boat. Subscribe to our NEWSLETTER to receive information about our services and adverts.

GradoBoatRent by Infinity Tours srl
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Contact us +39 348 1819533